Australian Singing Competition - Rules & Conditions

2014 Rules And Conditions

*** Entries are now closed - this is for information only.***

Competition Process


The 2014 National Adjudicator is Jeffrey Black.

Sunday 22 June - Wednesday 2 July
Heats will take place in Auckland (NZ), Brisbane, Perth, Melbourne, Sydney and London (UK). 

Ten (10) Semi-Finalists will be selected from the Heats in Australia and New Zealand; and up to two (2) Semi-Finalists may be selected from the Heats in the United Kingdom.

Monday 28 July
In Sydney, a Workshop for Semi-Finalists with Jeffrey Black

Tuesday 29 July – Private adjudication
Wednesday 30 July – Public concert

Thursday 31 July
In Sydney, a MasterClass for Finalists with Jeffrey Black and David Harper

Thursday 28 August – Piano Rehearsal
Friday 29 August – Orchestral Rehearsal
Saturday 30 August - Finals Concert
 In Sydney with the Australian Opera & Ballet Orchestra and guest conductor

The IFAC Australian Singing Competition reserves the right to make changes without notice

Rules & Conditions

1. Eligibility

1.1 An entrant of the IFAC Australian Singing Competition ('the Competition') must be –

(i) Under 26 years on 23 June 2014;
(ii) an Australian or New Zealand citizen/resident;
(iii) an amateur or professional classical singer.

It is recommended that the entrant be over 19 years of age.

1.2 A previous winner of The Marianne Mathy Scholarship is ineligible to enter.

1.3 Entrants must ensure that they are available to attend all the events listed for the Competition. Check the Timeline (below) and website 'Calendar' for this year’s dates.

2. Repertoire Guidelines

2.1 Please note: entrants must verify that the items chosen to sing at the Finals Concert on Saturday 30 August are available in Australia. Entrants should contact the Music Library of Opera Australia or the Music Library of Symphony Services International. Pay particular attention to the correct orchestration and key. It is an essential requirement that entrants perform this check at the time of entry.

If the item is unavailable, the full score (with orchestral parts) may be imported at the entrant’s expense.

2.2 Entrants should give careful consideration to selecting repertoire in which they are already proficient. This should showcase vocal quality, flexibility, style, range of expression and technique.

2.3 All items must be performed from memory and in the original language. There must be at least 3 languages in the repertoire.

2.4 Submitted repertoire can only be changed prior to the Heats, provided that it remains in accordance with the rules and with the approval of the National Adjudicator.

2.5 The total repertoire must not exceed performance time of thirty (30) minutes and must include at least one (1) item from each of the following Categories:

CATEGORY A — Works by a Classical or Baroque Composer such as Monteverdi, Handel, Bach, Purcell, Gluck, Haydn or Mozart

CATEGORY B — Songs for Voice and Piano from the repertoire of the 19th Century to the present, e.g. lieder, art song and chanson

CATEGORY C — Works from the International Operatic Repertoire

CATEGORY D — A Song with Orchestral Accompaniment (which may also be part of a song cycle) and/or a solo from a choral/orchestral work - oratorio, cantata, mass etc. written for performance with orchestra (an excerpt for solo voice only, not including chorus).


2.6 Entrants will perform one (1) item of their own choice and the adjudication panel may select additional item/s from the submitted repertoire.


2.7 Semi-Finalists will be required to prepare four (4) items from the original submitted repertoire, some or all of which may be heard by the adjudicators.

For the private adjudication component, Semi-Finalists must include one (1) item from each of: 


For the Public Concert, two (2) of these will be performed, one (1) of which must be from CATEGORY B.

Timing: Together the items for the public concert should total a minimum of six (6) minutes and not exceed ten (10) minutes. Semi-Finalists must check the timing to ensure that the maximum limit is adhered to.

2.8 Semi-Finalists will receive an Orchestral Repertoire Form from the IFAC Australian Singing Competition which must be completed and returned to the office by Friday 11 July.  No changes will be permitted.


2.9 Finalists must present two (2) items from the submitted repertoire selected in consultation with the adjudicators following the Semi-Finals. These items must be available to be sung with orchestral accompaniment.

Timing: Together the items should total a minimum of eight (8) minutes and not exceed twelve (12) minutes. Finalists must check the timing to ensure that the maximum limit is adhered to.

2.10 If the music is unavailable in Australia in the required key with full score and orchestral parts, the item may not be performed at the Finals unless the Finalist arranges to obtain the music, with all orchestral parts, at their own expense. (Please refer to 2.1)

3. Accompaniment

3.1 Entrants must engage their own accompanist for the Heats.

3.2 The official accompanist for the Semi-Finals is David Harper. Rehearsal times will be allocated for a one-hour rehearsal that is funded by the Competition. Additional rehearsal time may be made in arrangement with David Harper at the Semi-Finalist's expense.

3.3 Finalists will perform in concert with the Australian Opera & Ballet Orchestra. Rehearsal time will be allocated for Thursday 28 August and Friday 29 August, with a general rehearsal on Saturday 30 August prior to the Finals Concert.

3.4 Semi-Finalists and Finalists are obliged to attend all rehearsals as specified.

4. Adjudication


4.1 Adjudication will take place over three (3) stages: Heats, Semi-Finals and Finals. The decision of the adjudicators at all stages is final. A list of adjudicators will be available on the 'Adjudicators' page of this website.

4.2 Entrants will be judged on:

(i) Performance;
(ii) Technique;
(iii) Potential;
(iv) Personality; and
(v) Study Plan.


4.3 Heats will be held in Auckland, Brisbane, Perth, Melbourne and Sydney between Sunday 22 June - Wednesday 2 July.

4.4 Entrants will perform for an adjudication panel at each location of the Heats. Entrants will sing items from their submitted repertoire. The first will be their choice, and subsequent piece(s) may be selected by the adjudicators. Each entrant will be interviewed by the panel.


4.5 Heats will be held in London on Wednesday 2 July.

4.6 Entrants will sing items from their submitted repertoire. The first will be their choice, and subsequent piece(s) may be selected by the adjudicators. Each entrant will be interviewed by the panel.

4.7 The adjudication panel may nominate up to two (2) entrants as Semi-Finalists, to proceed to the Semi-Finals in Sydney.

4.8 Successful Semi-Finalists from the London Heats must travel at their own expense to Sydney for the Semi-Finals to attend all three days of activity and adjudication on Monday 28 July - Wednesday 30 July. If selected as a Finalist the entrant must also be available in Sydney for the MasterClass on Thursday 31 July and for the Finals on Thursday 28 August - Saturday 30 August. 

4.9 The London adjudication panel is under no obligation to select a Semi-Finalist and will do so solely at its discretion.


4.10 The Semi-Finals will take place in Sydney. A new adjudication panel will join the National Adjudicator.

4.11 The Semi-Finals adjudication over 2 days consists of:
(i) a private performance and interview in Sydney on Tuesday 29 July.

Allocated times will be advised; and

(ii) a public concert on Wednesday 30 July at 7pm. 


4.12 Finalists must be available for a piano rehearsal on Thursday 28 August, an orchestral rehearsal on Friday 29 August and a general rehearsal on Saturday 30 August.

4.13 The National Adjudicator may be present at the general rehearsal.

4.14 The Finals Concert will be staged in the Verbrugghen Hall, Sydney Conservatorium of Music at 7pm on Saturday 30 August.

5. Workshop


5.1 Semi-Finalists will be invited to participate in a workshop with Jeffrey Black on Monday 28 July.

5.2 The Workshop is not intended to form part of the adjudication process and is instead designed to provide an educational activity for the participants.

6. MasterClass


6.1 Finalists selected at the Semi-Finals will be invited to participate in a public MasterClass with Jeffrey Black accompanied by David Harper on Thursday 31 July.

6.2 The MasterClass is not intended to form part of the adjudication process and is instead designed to provide an educational activity for the participants.

7. Music


7.1 A copy of the music of all items to be performed at the Heats must be brought for the adjudicators.


7.2 Semi-Finalists must provide David Harper, the official accompanist, with a legible, bound score by Friday 11 July. Please avoid plastic pockets.

7.3 A copy of the music of all items to be performed at the Semi-Finals must be brought for the adjudicators.

8. Information and Legals

8.1 By entering the Australian Singing Competition (ASC) you agree to comply with the terms, rules and conditions attached to each scholarship, prize or award.

8.2 The duration of any scholarship will be for the period necessary for the successful recipient to complete the program of study undertaken.

8.3 All awards must be drawn within five (5) years of the recipient winning unless an alternative agreement is reached. Requests for funds must be made in writing, with a budget detailing the proposed use.

8.4 The ASC and Music & Opera Singers Trust Ltd (MOST®), the administrator of the ASC, take no responsibility for the acceptance of scholarships, which involve overseas travel. This decision is taken solely at the discretion of the recipient. Recipients are advised to check the current status of the country in question with the Australian Government’s Department of Foreign Affairs at the time of travel.


8.5 The ASC and MOST® have the right to video, film, record or photograph and retain all stages of the Competition for archival or promotional purposes ('the Material') and have the right to retain this material on websites or any other media without fee to the singer and any personal information relating to the Competition. Broadcast rights remain with the ASC and MOST®.

8.6 The ASC and MOST® have the right to distribute the Material in any medium (including and without limitation on YouTube, Twitter, Flickr, Facebook), in whole or in part for an unlimited period, without remuneration, for the purpose of promoting the ASC or MOST®.

8.7 ASC and MOST® have permission to use the Material in any way that may otherwise infringe an entrant’s moral rights pursuant to the Copyright Act 1968 (Cth), including but not limited to, an entrant’s moral rights associated with their live performance in the Competition when used for any promotion or publicity of the ASC or MOST® in any media without limitation for an unlimited period.

8.8 All approaches to the media must be made through and with the approval of the ASC and/or MOST®. Contestants will be required to be available for media calls by arrangement.

9. General

9.1 Recipients are required to provide a report (not exceeding 1,200 words) to the ASC and MOST® within twelve (12) months on the benefit that the scholarship, prize or award has had on the their career.

9.2 All recipients of prizes, scholarships and awards are encouraged to acknowledge the prize giver with a letter of thanks.

10. Timeline: 2014


Monday 3 March / Entries Open

Friday 16 May / Entries Closed

Wednesday 14 May / Late Entries Closed


Sunday 22 June / Auckland

Friday 27 June / Brisbane

Saturday 28 June / Perth

Sunday 29 June / Melbourne

Tuesday 1 July / Sydney

Wednesday 2 July / Sydney

Wednesday 2 July / London


Monday 28 July / Workshop for Semi-Finalists


Tuesday 29 July / Private Adjudication

Wednesday 30 July / Public Concert


Thursday 31 July / MasterClass for Finalists


Thursday 28 August / Piano Rehearsal

Friday 29 August / Orchestral Rehearsal

Saturday 30 August / General Rehearsal and Finals Concert


The Mathy Statuette

The Mathy

'The Mathy' has become synonymous with the Marianne Mathy Scholarship, the featured award within the IFAC Australian Singing Competition.

Handcast in solid bronze, 'The Mathy' stands 195mm tall (230mm including its base) and weighs in at just under 1kg.

'The Mathy' limited edition Drago Marin Cherina bronze statuette was first awarded to Western Australian soprano Rachelle Durkin in 2000.


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2014 Rules & Conditions

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